Delivering valued services through a web browser is now a critical element of everyday life for both consumer and business-facing organizations. 

Web services, and the platforms and software components that drive them, are built with inter-operability, resilience, scalability, and security as ‘standard’ features. However, integrating and managing payment services is highly regulated and often requires specialized skills, knowledge and constant attention.

When credit, debit and pre-paid card payment transactions are part of the use case for any web service, the requirements for PCI DSS compliance become a major consideration.


Sycurio enables you to quickly generate secure PCI DSS compliant payment links that can be dynamically embedded in any web service using Sycurio’s comprehensive API. The entire payment process operates inside the Sycurio infrastructure, separating it from all other cloud and web services you use. That means this single vendor approach significantly reduces your auditing and reporting burden.

Beyond the increase in security and reduction in costs, Sycurio enhances your CX and brings a range of other benefits.

Sycurio payment links for web apps at a glance:

  • Easily integrate PCI compliant payment transactions in any web or cloud-based application and service
  • Use powerful and flexible secure payment link API, delivered ‘as a service’
  • Simplify complex commerce use cases 
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of PSP and payment gateway integration
  • Build secure payments into AI based applications
  • Protect yourself with PCI DSS compliant payments that completely bypass your services, networks and infrastructure 
  • Significantly lower your liability for payment transaction security

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