Sycurio.Voice is the globally trusted PCI DSS compliance solution which protects and secures your customers’ sensitive card data when making a payment over the phone. It makes paying for goods and services over the phone smooth and secure for both your customers and agents.

With Sycurio no payment card data ever enters your organization.


Your customers simply enter their card or bank payment numbers directly into their phone keypad or use Sycurio’s Secure Speech Recognition.

The payment card data is sent directly to your payment processor through our PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider infrastructure.

The secured data completely bypasses your people and systems - this significantly reduces both the costs and complexity of maintaining your PCI compliance.

Sycurio.Voice prevents your customer’s sensitive payment information from being exposed to your people, your processes, your environment and your contact center systems.

We improve your customer experience, build trust and loyalty in every payment and protect your organization from the risk of a data breach.


Safe and secure payments solutions for remote agents.

Thanks to Sycurio’s patented data capture method using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) masking technology, your agents and remote workers can now take payments without ever seeing or hearing card data.

This protects them and your customers, creating measurably better and safer payment experiences.

Faster payments and more productive agents.

Using Sycurio.Voice keeps your calls flowing so your agents stays connected and can talk with the customer throughout the entire payment transaction.

Helping and guiding them, correcting errors and ensuring the card data is valid before it is submitted to the PSP.  Our solutions and intuitive payment interfaces integrate with your existing contact center systems and take agents just minutes to learn - Sycurio saves valuable seconds on every call improving average handing times and first call resolution rates.


No need to ‘pause and resume’.

Call recording for compliance and training purposes creates additional PCI DSS challenges, particularly when you’re taking payments.

And, more importantly pausing the recording doesn’t mean you are PCI DSS compliant; it just provides a 'stop-gap' solution – the agent, their equipment and environment are still in PCI scope so will have to be audited.  Sycurio removes the problem completely.  Our DTMF masking technologies ensure your agents and systems can’t hear or see card numbers or security codes, so the call and screen can be recorded in a single session without breaks - keeping both PCI DSS and other health and financial services regulators happy.

De-scoping your contact center from PCI DSS.

Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) will tell you that ‘being de-scoped from PCI DSS is better than being compliant’ – simply put, if it’s not ‘in-scope’ it’s not considered a risk.

Sycurio can remove your contact center, people and infrastructure from PCI scope – saving you the time, headaches and resources needed to achieve and maintain your annual compliance. We de-scope your organization to only 6 controls of the 14 controls required in the PCI DSS SAQ-A (from the full scope of 327 controls of Self-Assessment Questionnaire D SAQ-D).


Designed to integrate.

Sycurio offers a host of pre-configured services that integrate with the major cloud contact center platforms, CRM systems, payment service providers and telecoms infrastructure providers.

And, our payment APIs and digital payment link services enable custom applications and configurations to be developed for organizations that want to go their own way.

Secure payment CX in every channel.

Your customers payment needs are evolving and multi-channel engagement is the new normal.

You can easily add our digital payment link technologies to your Sycurio.Voice payments - helping you to provide innovative and secure ways for your customers to pay in almost any digital or physical channel.  Without complex integration or managing your own secure payments infrastructure we can enable you to provide intuitive, secure and reliable payments experiences in chat- & voicebots, SMS, email, social media and messaging apps, apps and web services.


Sycurio.Voice PCI DSS compliance for phone payments at a glance:

  • Moves your entire contact centre and remote agents out of scope of the majority of PCI DSS - significantly reducing your operational costs and complexity
  • Integrates with your existing CCaaS, telephony, CRM and security infrastructure 
  • Enables your people to securely take payments from home and remote locations - increasing business flexibility and operational resilience
  • Replaces ‘Pause & Resume’ systems, providing uninterrupted call and screen recordings which meet financial and healthcare regulatory requirements for uninterrupted call evidence
  • Intuitive to use, customers input their payment card numbers via their phone keypad or use speech recognition to share sensitive card information while talking to the agent throughout the whole payment experience
  • Creates exceptional payment CX and protects your brand, reputation and bottom-line 

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