Sycurio helps you balance customer experience, data security and agent engagement with secure and PCI DSS compliant payments integrated with your Genesys Cloud Contact Center environment.

Customer satisfaction and security are a top priority for most contact centers, particularly when card details and sensitive personal data are being shared. Working in partnership with Genesys, Sycurio.Voice enables organizations to deliver trusted and connected experiences for their customers whenever they make a payment.

Sycurio’s globally trusted solution safeguards your customers' payment card data during phone transactions. Our patented payment method masks the DTMF tones, preventing agents from hearing or seeing any sensitive information but still allowing them to stay in full communication with customers throughout the entire call.

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Sycurio’s solutions enable you to take secure and PCI DSS compliant payments over the phone and through your other contact channels quickly, simply, and cost effectively.

Sycurio’s Genesys Cloud Contact Center integration at a glance.

  • Reduce security and compliance management costs by removing your entire contact center (and remote agents) from the scope of PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Move to self-assessment (SAQ-A) status – we provide you with your annual PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AoC) certificate for your protected voice payments
  • Provide an easy way to secure payment transactions using your phone keypad with intuitive payment pages for Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Process transactions quickly with automatic validation of card data before transactions are sent to your payment service provider (PSP)
  • Automatically update customer records when a payment transaction goes through
  • Protect sensitive payment data by keeping it out of call recordings and never stored in Genesys Cloud
  • Trusted and patented market-leading data capture method using DTMF masking
  • Integrates with all payment gateways and PSPs
  • Make measurable improvements in average handling times (AHT) and first contact resolution (FCR)
  • Compatible with Sycurio’s digital payment links for SMS, email, messaging and chat applications
  • Sycurio.Voice is a premium app on the Genesys AppFoundry

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