Sycurio helps you enhance customer payment experiences, enable agent engagement, and deliver exceptional data security when processing transactions throughout your Mitel cloud contact center environment.

Together with Mitel, Sycurio.Voice equips you to deliver trusted and connected experiences for customers wherever they make payments.

Sycurio’s trusted global technologies safeguard payment card information during phone transactions using our patented data capture method and DTMF masking. We prevent agents from seeing or hearing any sensitive data throughout the call and keep it from entering your contact center systems, keeping the payments out of scope of PCI DSS.

Sycurio’s Mitel MiContact cloud contact center integration at a glance.

  • Minimize compliance management and information security costs by descoping your agents, remote workers and entire contact center infrastructure from PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Move your secured payments to self-assessment (SAQ-A) level – we will provide your annual PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AoC) certificate
  • Give customers a familiar and intuitive way to pay using their phone keypad or by speech-recognition, all through Mitel MiContact’s payment pages
  • Minimize transaction delays by automatically validating card data before submission to the payment gateway
  • Automatically update customer records when a transaction completes
  • Mask all sensitive payment data from call recordings and exclude from contact center systems or Mitel MiContact
  • Use with any payment gateway or payment service provider (PSP)
  • Benefit from Sycurio’s patented payment method and DTMF masking to secure payment card data
  • Make improvements in first contact resolution (FCR) and reduce average handling times (AHT)
  • Integrate with Sycurio’s digital payment links that work across messaging and chat applications, AI chat and voicebots, IVR systems, SMS, and email

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