Customer demand for round-the-clock service continues to grow – and chatbots and voicebots are an ideal solution for fulfilling this need. Using Sycurio, today’s AI chatbots and voicebots are now capable of handling complex customer interactions involving secure payment and personal data transactions.

Sycurio’s payment link API enables you to create flexible payment links and voice-based payment transaction processes that can be dynamically embedded into your chatbot and voicebot streams. The Sycurio platform routes payment transactions away from your chatbot, keeping it entirely out of scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Chatbot Capture Screen
Chatbot - Payment Link Request

Our advanced payment technologies reduce your development and security costs, connect you to the world’s payment gateway and PSP infrastructure, while shielding you from the complexities of PCI DSS compliance.

Sycurio AI chatbots and voicebots payment integrations at a glance:

  • Integrate fully documented, flexible and powerful payment API with top-level support
  • Connect instantly to the most popular payment service providers around the world
  • Keep sensitive payment card data out of your systems
  • Shield your business from the complexities and costs of PCI DSS compliance
  • Gain peace of mind with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accredited service provider with Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider status

The rise of chatbots and automated customer service


The growth in the market for automated payments is compelling. It is predicted that by 2024 consumer retail spend via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion (up from $2.8 billion in 2019) and continue to grow strongly as consumer adoption of automated customer services accelerates

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Chatbots and voicebots can be almost completely descoped from PCI DSS using powerful Sycurio API for integrations into both chat and speech recognition environments


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