Strengthen payment security and optimize operational efficiency.

Ensure every payment you take, whatever the channel used, is secure and seamless with Sycurio’s PCI DSS compliant solutions. All sensitive data is kept out of your organization, protecting your citizens, students and donors as well as reducing the risk of data breaches. By giving all users a consistent payment experience that puts them in control, you can enhance agent productivity and   smooth the transaction process to enhance CX.



Protect your organization and citizens with Sycurio, a secure accessible payment solution for all your communication channels. This PCI DSS compliant payment platform keeps sensitive data out of your network, enabling your agents to work from anywhere.

With no changes to your tech stack required, Sycurio is a cost-effective way to strengthen your payment security and support a unified payment experience.


Local Government

Making it easy, fast, and secure to take remote payments. Sycurio puts citizens in control as they input their personal and payment card information via their phone keypad or speech recognition - helping you to take accessible payments quickly and easily.

This PCI DSS compliant solution keeps sensitive data out of your systems and network, minimizing the risk of data breaches.



No matter where your agents and students are located, Sycurio lets you take secure PCI DSS payments over the phone or via any digital channel from instant messaging to mobile apps.

Delivering a frictionless student payment experience and with no changes to your tech stack, Sycurio is a cost-effective, secure solution that seamlessly integrates with existing call center applications and scales to meet education’s seasonality requirements.


Non-Profit Housing

Make it easy for everyone to pay securely in their preferred channel with Sycurio’s PCI DSS compliant payment solutions.

Your agents can take payments over the phone, via social messaging, SMS, chat and through IVR, providing a seamless payment experience that makes it easier to keep up with, and service customer needs.


Community & Social Charity

With fast, seamless payments, you can improve your contact center productivity and build trust with your community and donors.

Sycurio’s PCI DSS compliant solutions enable you to take secure payments over the phone and IVR, or via social messaging, chat and QR codes. Deliver flexible, personalized, and intuitive payment services that will improve your payment CX.


Health & Wellbeing Charity

Sycurio improves your customer experience by enabling your supporters to make fast, secure and accessible payments in their preferred channel – via phone, using speech recognition, chat, SMS or QR codes.

Transform your customer journey, optimize operational efficiency, and meet resource constraints, all while continuing to focus on your mission.


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