We help organizations transform and simplify how they manage payment security, regulatory compliance and consumer data protection.

Our best-in-class data security solutions seamlessly safeguard every customer interaction in every channel – enabling the delivery of standout customer experiences that build consumer trust and loyalty.

In the contact center, our innovative patented data capture method automatically secures payment card, banking and personal data during telephone and automated IVR transactions. It’s a pioneering approach that significantly reduces the risk of data breach for organizations while simultaneously lowering the cost and complexity associated with maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

With voice accounting for the majority of MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments today, our technologies deliver peace of mind for consumers and merchants alike.

An unparalleled solution.



In June 2012, Sycurio was awarded UK patent #GB2473376.  Sycurio also holds United States patent (#8,750,471), which was granted in June of 2014.  Sycurio was awarded additional United States patents in January 2018, September 2019 and June 2021.

Sycurio also holds patents in Germany, India and France. Sycurio’s patents cover a number of aspects related to the use of Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signalling (DTMF) to capture payment card data from a contact center customer during a live phone call and transmit it securely to a payment system.


As you’d expect from one of the world’s leading data security solution providers, we’ve achieved many of the industry’s most respected security accreditations. You can discover the full extent of our security pedigree here.

Intellectual property.

Having invested significant resources into developing our unique contact center PCI DSS solutions that protect confidential cardholder data, and building out an intellectual property portfolio around these solutions, we diligently and rigorously defend and protect our patent rights.

As part of our intellectual property strategy, Sycurio will actively pursue companies and organizations that infringe our patent rights. It's also the reason why we developed our Secured by Sycurio® Trustmark to give merchants, and their customers, the confidence of knowing they are using a telephone payments solution that’s powered by an industry-leading secure payment method they can trust.


To protect our intellectual property and support the adoption of DTMF masking solutions across the industry, the Secured by Sycurio® Trustmark is available for use by our clients, our channel partners and licensees of our patents.

The Secured by Sycurio® Trustmark provides merchants and consumers with the instant recognition and reassurance that they are utilizing an authentic and appropriately licensed industry-leading Sycurio technology.

Currently, other than our contracted channel partners and customers, only the following companies have been granted a license to use a Sycurio patented technology:

  • Aeriandi Limited n/k/a Dubber
  • Eckoh plc
  • Ultra Communications Limited n/k/a Babble

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