Modern payment-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, voice assistants and AI voicebots provide opportunities to deliver transactions that increase both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sycurio’s flexible APIs enable you to easily embed agentless PCI DSS compliant payments into these environments. 

Using our security automation technologies, you can ensure customers can easily make payments through their phone keypad using our DTMF masking solution, via speech recognition, or using payment links sent directly to their devices via email, SMS or other digital channels. 


As with all Sycurio enabled transactions, because the payment process takes place inside our secure and regulatory compliant infrastructure, your IVR or voice assistant solution is almost completely descoped from the complexities of PCI DSS auditing and compliance.

Sycurio IVR integrations at a glance:

  • Create seamless payment interactions inside your automated and self-service transactions
  • Reduce the cost of PCI DSS compliance by taking all IVR, voice assistants and voicebots out of scope
  • Allow your agents to focus on complex human interactions, improving CX and satisfaction
  • Reduce transaction handling times and costs with automated payments
  • Protect sensitive card holder data by making sure it isn’t saved in IVR, calls or other transaction recordings 
  • Automate voice and digital payment integrations with flexible and well-documented APIs

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