Email payment links are widely accepted by both consumers and businesses as a quick and easy method for transacting with organizations they trust.

With more than half the world’s population using email (4.3bn in 2021, growing to 6.6bn in 2025), it is a communication staple that can’t be ignored when taking payments from customers who are not physically present. When coupled with the growth in smartphone usage (predicted to rise to 7.6bn in 2027), creating consistent omnichannel payment experiences is now a priority for most organizations.


Sycurio’s comprehensive and well documented API and straightforward agent user interface creates secure email payment links that can be extensively configured. They can be set to expire after successful payment or a designated number of clicks, and can be time-bound, geo-restricted and password protected.

Each link can be monitored live and tracked, giving the agent and the business full control of how to progress each interaction or trigger other automated processes.

Sycurio email payment links at a glance:

  • Increase customer accessibility without needing additional agent training
  • Reduce customer friction and improve transaction satisfaction 
  • Stop your email servers, CRM or CCaaS systems capturing secure payment data
  • Protect customers’ secure data out of agents’ view
  • Integrate email PCI DSS compliant payment links into your systems via API or simply ‘cut & paste’ them from the Sycurio UI
  • Allow your API and employees to track link use and payment progress in real time

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