Keep payment data secure, your business protected and PCI DSS compliant.

Achieving and maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) protects both your customers and your organization and provides you with a well-respected framework on which to assess and continually improve data security for payment card transactions.

Failure to comply with the standard (or any data breach relating to payment card information) can have serious consequences and may result in fines, litigation, regulatory censure and increased banking transaction fees.


PCI DSS compliance is complex.

PCI compliance is both complex and expensive to achieve as any system and anybody that touches card holder data is in-scope for assessment, including connected services, networks, suppliers and systems.  This presents a growing challenge for your information security, contact center operations and governance teams as the number of digital and voice payments increase, and digital engagement channels expand.

The cure for PCI DSS.

Using Sycurio’s patented payment method customers simply enter their card details using their telephone keypad, multi-lingual speech recognition or secure digital payment links. Sycurio’s PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider infrastructure ensures the transaction completely bypasses your organization, which removes you from the complexity and costs of achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.This simple and elegant approach protects you and your customers - significantly reduceing your liability, risks and costs without ever compromising your security.

PCI DSS compliance that delivers a seamless payment CX.

Almost no training is required to achieve PCI DSS compliance.  We mask the sensitive card data at the point of payment and ensure it never enters your contact center systems, making each transaction faster, smoother and more intuitive for both agents and customers - delivering measurably better payment CX in every transaction that we protect.

Say goodbye to ‘Pause & Resume’ for compliance.

Sycurio enables all calls and call recording systems to continue as normal, with minimal disruption to customers or contact center operations, capturing the entirety of an agent interaction without any breaks. There’s no need to use Pause & Resume and risk non-compliance with other regulatory or industry requirements. Sycurio can be used to comply with elements of other privacy, financial and health regulations by protecting information such as payment cards, PINs, social security numbers, passports and identity numbers.


Future proofing PCI DSS compliance.

When using Sycurio we pro-actively ensure adherence to the latest PCI security standards which means you’re always up to date with the ever-changing security landscape.


"Thankfully, with Sycurio.Voice there is no need to pause and resume recordings because there is no likelihood that payment card details can be captured accidently as the keypad tones cannot be interpreted or reverse engineered. This takes the pressure off our advisors, who can simply focus on the job in hand – helping patients access the care they need."

Contact Center Team Leader, OSD Healthcare

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