In the field, at events or at pop-up stores, organizing, securing and maintaining point of sale equipment can be a struggle. The PDQ terminal (the device that a merchant uses to take card payments) can be unreliable and is only able to process one single payment at a time. When time is limited and you’re busy, taking high-volume payments is problematic, if not impossible.

Sycurio is a simple, highly scalable tool that enables staff who are engaging face-to-face with customers to take PCI DSS compliant payments without POS equipment. It's also a frictionless way to take secure payments in environments where the lack of infrastructure makes it difficult to use a traditional POS system, such as festivals and outdoor events.


Links can be provided via SMSemail or QR code, and the payments linked to e-commerce applications to create a smooth experience for customers, staff and the teams supporting them. And with the ability to self-serve links, customers can control their payment journey. All of this saves your staff time, reducing the associated organizational costs.

Sycurio payment links for person-to-person payments at a glance:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of taking payments everywhere by removing the need for expensive POS hardware
  • Protect customers’ privacy and payment card data in every transaction
  • Easily create new PCI compliant payments experiences using mobile apps, printed materials, AI-bots and messaging applications
  • Take payments without supervision - staff never see, hear or are exposed to sensitive payment card data
  • Protect your organization with PCI DSS compliant payments that completely bypass your services, networks and infrastructure 
  • Significantly lower your costs for payment security and PCI compliance

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