Sycurio enables you to take and process secure payments directly inside your CRM without complex coding or the need for additional PCI DSS compliance or security infrastructure.

Agents and staff can take payments from any location using their CRM, without being able to see, hear or access sensitive payment card data.

The process is simple, intuitive, and designed to deliver fast and PCI DSS compliant CRM based payment experiences for consumer and business transactions.

With Sycurio, no payment card numbers or verification/security codes enter your network, CRM and operational systems or are visible to your agents. This means you have no sensitive payment data to protect, and your PCI DSS compliance requirements can be reduced to completing a simple self-assessment questionnaire.


Sycurio’s voice and digital payment solutions enable you manage secure payment transactions in Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics HubSpot SAP Sales Cloud OracleNetSuite Freshworks Pipedrive SugarCRM and any other CRM platform that can integrate elements via iframes or API.

Solution at a glance:

  • Take PCI DSS compliant payments over the phone and digital channels
  • Deliver seamless omnichannel payment experiences and improve CX
  • Keep all sensitive payment data hidden from agents
  • Peace of mind – your customers feel safe knowing their card data is secure during the payment transaction
  • Reduce transaction handling times and costs thanks to automation
  • Give customers greater access and accessibility to services 
  • Reduce your risks of insider fraud and data breach
  • Benefit from simple integration – solutions overlay your existing tech stack and phone systems

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