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Complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a requirement for all organizations that process card payments that is both time consuming and costly.


The costs of compliance doesn’t just include your annual certification audit.

To get a better understanding of the financial investment consult your Information Security or Compliance team on the following:

  • How much does your annual PCI DSS compliance cost in terms of time, the number of people involved and the resources used to prepare for it?
  • How much do you spend on security consultants and your annual PCI assessment by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)?
  • What additional direct costs do you have in preparing, updating and maintaining software & systems to ensure compliance?
  • Do your cyber-security insurance premiums include your directly managed card payment processes?
  • Are there any hidden costs such as friction or inefficiencies in the customer payment journey?

Sycurio provides immediate financial & commercial benefits.

Moving your payment card PCI DSS compliance to Sycurio delivers immediate financial savings and a host of operational and commercial benefits.

As a cloud-based PCI compliance solution, Sycurio is delivered ‘as a Service’, removing the need for capital investment, dedicated people & resources and budgeting for the unexpected. Our platform frees your infosec teams to focus on other their priorities, enables your agents to be more efficient and reduces their cost per transaction. Better payment CX also builds trust and improves loyalty to your brand.

Payment CX and security across all your channels.

Sycurio enables you to create smooth, seamless and secure payment experiences for every customer.

With our digital payment link and speech recognition technologies you can easily monetize more of your channels. Adding automated payments into your contact center and AI applications reduces your operational costs and powers great payment CX for both customers and agents.


Your payment security partner.

Sycurio has been trusted by global brands for many years to process their contact center payments through our PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider infrastructure. We also hold accreditations from both Visa and Mastercard to process payment card transactions to the highest security standards. Our technologies integrate with all your finance systems and payment processes,
so you’ll see no difference in your data, payment flows or reporting tools.


“Sycurio enabled us to balance the best of both worlds – we are securing our data and simplifying compliance, while improving the patient experience.”

Director, Unified Communications SPS

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