Protecting patient’s payment data without compromising on care.

Sycurio gives you, your patients and their families the confidence that payment data and sensitive information are protected.

With a single, PCI DSS compliant payment solution for all clinics, hospitals and administrative centers, you can make payments a seamless part of the patient experience you deliver.


Hospitals and clinical groups

Sycurio helps large hospitals and clinical groups deliver a consistent and secure payment experience for every patient and their families.

It enables you to deliver integrated telephone and digital payments across all your locations, while keeping sensitive information out of your organization and reducing the risk of data breaches while providing the best possible CX for patients.



Digital transformation is opening new possibilities for pharmacies, and using Sycurio you can take CX to the next level. Providing a range of multichannel payment options, all through one certified PCI DSS compliant solution, it gives customers easy and secure ways to pay.

All sensitive data sidesteps your network, minimizing your risk of data breaches too.


Health service providers

Sycurio makes it easy for patients to pay through the channel that works best for them. Our PCI DSS compliant solutions, provide you with secure telephone and digital payment capabilities across your network.

Designed to integrate with both legacy and omnichannel systems, Sycurio improves your payment CX without disrupting your operations and your customer journey.


Healthcare insurers

When times are challenging for your customers, payment security shouldn’t be another worry. Sycurio keeps payments secure, simple and fast. With our PCI DSS compliant solutions, your remote agents can take payments over the phone and every digital channel, from chat and voicebots to digital payment links and SMS.

All data is kept out of your network – protecting customers, your staff and your reputation.


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