Embedding secure payment links inside SMS messages is an easy and a highly effective way of reaching almost all consumers quickly and securely.

It is well known that SMS as a method of direct communication has an average open rate of around 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery (for email it’s currently between 28% and 33%). As an enforced ‘opt-in’ channel, SMS is more trusted than email, making it ideal for payment requests.

Sycurio’s secure SMS PCI compliant payment links are highly configurable. They can be set to expire after a designated number of clicks, by time- or geolocation-specific, be protected by passwords or become inactive after successful payment. The API and user interface provides a platform that you can use to build a customer experience that both matches their needs and your goals.


With our comprehensive tools, agents can view and track each link in real time, meaning they have complete control to initiate further automated processes or engage with customers to encourage them to progress the interaction.

And, as with all Sycurio payment transactions, the sensitive payment data completely bypasses the agent and your organization’s network, resulting in maximum security and PCI DSS compliance with minimal effort.

Sycurio secure payment links in SMS messages at a glance:

  • Take advantage of an opt-in, widely available and highly trusted payment channel
  • Widen customer accessibility to services with simple and secure digital payment links
  • Simultaneously deliver payment links through multiple channels, such as email, SMS and printed communications
  • Integrate SMS PCI DSS compliant payment links into your CRM and CCaaS platforms via API or simply ‘cut & paste’ them from the Sycurio UI
  • Allow your API and employees to view and track link use and payment progress in real time
  • Move your SMS payment link transactions out of scope for PCI DSS compliance

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