With Sycurio you can create new and innovative payment methods and use cases for your ecommerce and m-commerce applications, all using our secure payment links. This process is almost entirely descopes your organization from PCI DSS, with transactions served and processed by Sycurio through your existing Payment Service Provider on our secure and fully compliant platform.


Every Sycurio payment transaction is fully PCI compliant. With your agents and systems completely shielded from payment card data, your PCI DSS compliance obligations become minimal.

Sycurio payment links for ecommerce applications at a glance:

  • Develop new payment experiences by integrating Sycurio digital payments into your existing ecommerce platforms
  • Deliver PCI DSS compliant payments without complex security development and auditing
  • Reduce friction and improve payment CX
  • Deliver and process payment links as a service from Sycurio’s secure infrastructure, all pre-configured with globally recognized payment gateways and payment service providers (PSP)
  • Benefit from comprehensive payment link API with first-class global support

Sycurio’s comprehensive API enables you to deliver multiple simultaneous or timed payment link requests across your ecommerce platform, chat, SMS, email, in print or QR codes.

All payment links have flexible options based on time, location and customer behavior that you can tailor to your customer journey strategy.


Strict compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is crucial for all organizations taking card payments.

Failure to comply PCI DSS or suffering a significant data breach involving payment card data can result in major financial penalties.

Your bank could even end their relationship with you or significantly increase your transaction fees. Data breaches will also involve privacy regulators, which have the authority to issue substantial fines too.


All merchants that process card payments are required to report annually on their PCI DSS compliance.

And those that process over six million transactions per year must be audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).


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