Sycurio gives contact centers and remote agents a secure way to accept customer banking information over the phone, making it easier to process direct debit payments and ACH transfers.

Our solutions capture and dynamically verify bank account and routing information for secure bank-to-bank transactions. We can help your organization automatically meet PCI DSS, Nacha and MiFID data security standards during the data collection and transaction process.

Every ACH direct payment or direct deposit transaction is governed by Nacha rules, subject to US federal law. This law mandates that all recorded calls must be secured or have all protected financial information completely redacted.


With Sycurio’s banking information protection, our solutions enable organizations that process ACH transactions and direct debit instructions to automatically comply with privacy and banking regulations. While you meet data security best practice, you can also deliver seamless customer experiences that build loyalty and trust.

Sycurio-secured ACH, bank-to-bank and direct debit at a glance:

  • Dynamically verify account information for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions
  • Prevent sensitive bank account and payment card data appearing on call and screen recordings
  • Protect remote agents, with no sensitive data entering their home or work environments
  • Deliver frictionless experiences for ACH and direct debit, both for your customers and agents
  • Meet National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha) security standards
  • Reinforce direct debit data collection and transaction best practices
  • Eliminate the potential for fraud by securely capturing and transmitting customers’ banking details
  • Be compliant with specific elements of EU PSD2 financial data protection standards
  • Enhance call flows with minimal agent training
  • Allow your agents to remain in contact with the customer and in full control
  • Decrease cases of fraud and improve CX with real-time account verifications
  • Meet Nacha standards compliance across all payments cost-effectively
  • Reduce your costs of PCI DSS compliance
  • Minimize ACH-based transaction fraud
  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) with measurable ROI
  • Reduce the need for, and costs associated with, agent training and information security for payment processing

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