Enhancing payment security for an omnichannel CX.

Your customers are on the go and want more convenient, secure ways to pay, wherever they are. With Sycurio, you can improve the CX across every channel by applying a consistent, secure payment method without disrupting your customer’s journey. Easy to implement into your existing tech stack, our solution is a cost-effective way to meet PCI DSS compliance without sacrificing high quality, consistent service.



For transportation businesses, a seamless customer journey is central to your reputation. With Sycurio, you can improve the CX with simple and secure payments across every channel.

This PCI DSS compliant solution lets you take payments using familiar keypad and speech recognition functionality across every digital channel, from mobile apps to QR codes and AI chat. Keep remote agents in touch with customers but their sensitive data hidden for security.


Airlines & Airports

Whether it’s for seasonal demand or unplanned events Sycurio enables airlines and airports to take secure, fast telephone and digital payments through both remote and office-based agents.

Wherever your customers are in the world, Sycurio enables them to use their laptop, smartphone keypad or speech recognition to pay in the call or chat without switching channel. This PCI DSS compliant solution boosts your payment productivity and improves the CX.


Rail & Metro Services

Make payment a simple, secure and fast part of any rail and metro customer journey. With Sycurio, you can expand your payments across all your channels, enabling customers to use speech recognition, mobile apps and digital payment links.

Our PCI DSS compliant solutions are easy to implement across your existing tech stack, minimizing disruption to your operations while increasing your payment productivity.


Automotive & Toll Services

Make it quick, easy and secure for your customers to pay for their automotive and toll services. We provide seamless and simple payment CX using digital links, keypad input and speech recognition functionality, whether your customers are talking to your agents, live chat or voicebots.

With Sycurio keeping all sensitive data out of your network, our PCI DSS compliant solutions streamline the way you manage customer privacy and payments.


Hotels & Resorts

Enhance the payment experience for your hotel, resort or venue - whether your guests make their reservations via the phone, live chat, social messaging or another digital channel.

Sycurio keeps the payment simple, secure and PCI DSS compliant. Minimize the sensitive data you hold in your network and create a frictionless booking process.


Restaurants, Food & Beverage

Enhance the way your customers pay at your hospitality or entertainment business. You can let them make the transaction over the phone, social messaging, digital payment links, or through payment-enabled AI chat.

Sycurio’s PCI DSS compliant solutions integrate with your existing and future tech stack for a flexible and cost-effective way to instantly broaden your payment channels and strengthen your CX.


Travel agencies and booking services

Travel agencies, concierge services and package holiday companies rely on delivering a highly personal service to travellers and that includes a seamless and secure way to pay for their booking. Competing with internet-based travel comparison websites means adding-value and flexibility in every interaction.

Sycurio’s phone payment solutions and digital payment links make it easier for travellers to pay seamlessly in the channel they choose – over the phone, via SMS or email, using a printed QR code link on an invoice, or even via AI driven chat or voicebots. Every Sycurio payment is PCI DSS compliant with customer privacy built in. 


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