Simplify compliance, reduce risk and protecting customer data, across any channel.

Protecting your organization is a constant challenge, especially if you are taking payments, processing sensitive health or personal data, or operating in highly regulated industries. The continuous adoption of new cloud-based services, digital acceleration coupled with the surge of omnichannel communications and the shift to hybrid and remote working – means that securing sensitive data is more complex and challenging than ever.

Keeping your infosec systems operating effectively AND concurrently proving their compliance through continuous assessment and audit is a growing burden that is both is costly and time intensive.

Sycurio can help you significantly reduce the time, energy and resources needed to manage PCI DSS compliance. So, you now can focus your efforts and people on business as usual.


Minimize PCI DSS workloads and costs.

In your organization every system, connected-vendor & person that touches payment card information is in-scope for PCI DSS compliance.

As Sycurio completely prevents payment card data from entering your operational environment it effectively removes your contact center, connected systems, telephony, agents, employees and contractors from PCI scope. This simple and elegant solution dramatically reduces the time, cost and effort needed for becoming and maintaining compliance - moving you to a PCI DSS self-assessment merchant level - SAQ-A. With no card data to protect you can focus on your other priorities.


“With new PCI DSS standards and processes constantly on the horizon, we are no longer responsible for ensuring we keep up to date with the latest procedures and security controls as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, Sycurio now takes care of all that on our behalf”

Head of Technology Operations - The Travel Chapter

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