Most enterprises have active social media engagement as a part of their commercial strategy, and many are now gravitating towards social commerce too. Together, these social platforms provide opportunities to both communicate and transact directly with customers. 

Sycurio enables your agents to engage with customers in social media channels and deliver secure PCI DSS compliant payment links directly in any interaction or commerce page where a URL can be embedded. These payment links can be tailored for almost any social application, making them a highly flexible and automatable, standalone payment solution.

Social Messenger - Composite

As your social channels, agents and infrastructure have no access to the payment card data, Sycurio significantly reduces the complexity of deploying payment services across your social engagement channels.

Sycurio chat and messaging payment links at a glance:

  • Empower customers to pay in their choice of social channel
  • Reduce the complexity of deploying payment services on social platforms 
  • Paste payment links directly in any social media interaction or commerce page where a URL can be embedded 
  • Deliver a consistent payment CX across all your Sycurio-supported engagement channels 
  • Give agents live visibility of the transaction process without access to any secured data
  • Take your transactions out of scope for PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Gain peace of mind with an ISO:27001:2013 accredited service provider with Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider status

Evidence of growth in social media sales channels:

More than half of social media purchases take place outside of a social platform. Research conducted on US social buyers who had made a purchase via social channels found: 


of customers prefer the immediate response 


appreciate the ability to multitask whilst in the chat

Currently, the most developed social commerce and messaging capabilities are on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. And there are growing opportunities on the other social platforms - YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok - to develop seamless social commerce experiences that include Sycurio payment link transactions.


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