Embedding and maintaining secure PCI DSS compliant payment services for credit, debit and pre-paid cards inside native applications can present a serious development challenge.

The cost and complexity of maintaining compliance when using multiple third-party software components on Apple’s iOS and macOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows and other operating systems that touch the payment process can amplify the problem further.

Sycurio’s API enables native apps to use payment links that bypass the need to develop direct Payment Service Provider (PSP) integrations for your applications. Using our solutions significantly reduces your PCI DSS compliance scope and the additional security measures needed to handle payment card transactions.  


Sycurio radically simplifies the way you develop payment functions for native apps. The payment link process is delivered ‘as a service’ with Sycurio maintaining the security infrastructure, PCI DSS compliance and PSP integrations for you.

Sycurio API for native apps at a glance:

  • De-scope your payment integrations from PCI DSS requirements
  • Reduce your development costs by outsourcing the complexity of payment service provider integration
  • Create new and streamlined payment use cases for your customers
  • Access Sycurio’s payment links and transaction ‘security as a service’
  • Delegate application payment security to Sycurio, with infrastructure, PCI DSS compliance and PSP integrations managed for you
  • Remove your liability for payment transaction security

All applications that process card payments must comply with the strict Payment Card Industry Software Security Framework (PCI SSF) and the Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Failing to comply with these or suffering a significant data breach involving payment card data can result in major financial penalties and legal action for both developers and their clients. The client’s bank could even sever their relationship and increase transaction fees. Data breaches will also involve privacy regulators (such as the EU GDPR, USA's CCPA and the UK's ICO) who have authority to issue substantial fines.


Managing payment security, PCI compliance and legal requirements within application development environments is a complex, time-consuming and ever-evolving process. It involves constant investment in time and specialized resources to attain and maintain compliance.


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