Simplify compliance,
enhance agent productivity
and operational performance.

In contact center environments delivering exceptional customer experiences relies on a combination of human skills and interactions, backed up with a sophisticated infrastructure of software, networking, telephony, payment and CRM systems.

The adoption of digital communication by your customers means technical and operational teams now need to manage a wider and rapidly evolving range of channels, while providing consistent and secure payment experiences that are simple and intuitive for both agents and customers.


Secure and seamless omnichannel payments.

Sycurio simplifies payment security and PCI DSS compliance for all your voice and digital channels by completely removing card data from your contact center, systems and agents and providing a frictionless payment experience to your customers.

You can take payments over the phone, via digital payment links in chat and messaging, through speech recognition in IVR systems, embedded payment requests into your AI voice- and chatbots and via SMS and emails - all with the minimal PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Empower your agents.

Sycurio makes every payment experience easier and more efficient for your agents and customers. We reduce average handing times, improve your first call resolution rates and build trust into each transaction.

Our payment capture methods are intuitive and enable agents to talk and interact directly with the customer throughout the payment process - enabling them to solve card number input errors before they become a problem.

Say goodbye to annual PCI DSS audits.

As a Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider using our PCI compliance solution can move your merchant status to the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ-A) level for all your protected voice and digital payments.

That means peace of mind as well as time savings, cost reductions and minimal disruption.

A globally trusted brand.

As the pioneers of DTMF masking, we’ve been delivering PCI compliance solutions for contact centers globally for years. Our technology and solutions are trusted by PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA’s) and their enterprise clients to protect millions of payments and their brand reputations every day.

In addition to our PCI Level 1 Service Provider certification we also hold accreditations from both Visa & Mastercard to process payment card transactions to the highest security standards. 


“Sycurio.Voice adds an additional layer of protection to our payments environment that robustly underpins the strength of our proposition for existing and potential affinity partners.”

Contact Center Team Leader, OSD Healthcare

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