Using Sycurio's PCI compliance payment solutions in your Epic EHR system creates seamless and secure telephone payments experiences for all your members, patients and staff, no matter where they are located.

All sensitive payment card data is processed separately from your environment. That means your hospitals, clinics, administration and contact center, plus agents, network and systems will be effectively removed from the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

Sycurio supports all your key payment types including balance, prepay, copay and saving the card via tokenization. It can be easily integrated with your existing payment gateway or payment services provider, and all payment results are written automatically into Epic.

Our patented payment method using DTMF masking technology helps build payer and patient trust in your business by protecting sensitive payment data, as well as reducing your security and management costs. Sycurio also enhances your patient satisfaction levels by reducing call handling times and improving first contact resolution rates.

Together with Epic EHR, we create a seamless and secure payment CX across all your voice engagement channels, supporting every patient and agent.

Sycurio’s Epic EHR integration at a glance.

  • Automatically update Epic records after each payment submission
  • Enable patients to easily make payments by using their phone keypad and accessible multi-lingual speech recognition
  • Improve security and privacy by keeping payment card data out of all call-recordings, Epic systems, and records
  • Remove your agents, remote staff, networks and Epic EHR systems and networks from PCI DSS scope.
  • Reduce errors automatically by validating payment card details before they are sent to the payment service provider or gateway
  • Significantly lower your PCI compliance costs and infosec risks by stopping all card data from entering your networks, systems and remote agents’ home environments
  • With your PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC) certificate supplied by Sycurio, you can move all your protected payments to self-assessed PCI SAQ-A level
  • Block all payment card and sensitive information from the agents, administrators and remote workers thanks to Sycurio’s patented payment methods and DTMF masking technology
  • Integrate with your existing finance systems, payment gateway and payment service providers (PSPs)
  • Improve CX with better first contact resolution (FCR) and reduced average handling times (AHT)
  • Use with Sycurio’s digital payment link technology for IVRs, email, SMS, messaging, AI voicebots, live chat, and a wide range of digital engagement use cases

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