Speech recognition extends Sycurio’s secure payment capabilities to callers who are unable or prefer not to enter their card details using their phone keypad. It empowers you to deliver a standout experience for every customer.

Using speech recognition ensures your contact centers can deliver payment services that are accessible, inclusive and compliant with regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the UK Equality Act (2010), and the UK’s FCA Code of Conduct. With this technology, you can directly support your social responsibility and inclusivity goals and policies.


With our enhanced payment experience solutions, you can ensure that no customer is disadvantaged or diverted away from the agent they’re currently speaking with. We enable every customer to engage with your agent throughout their call, delivering faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction across every payment transaction.

Creates standout IVR payment CX.

With Sycurio you can create standout payment experiences for both agents and customers across all your payment scenarios.

Utilizing our secure speech recognition feature means there is no need to create complex exception processes, transfer calls to a clean room environment, or turn away callers who are unable to use a keypad based DTMF masking payment process.

Enabling you to meet your customers’ needs in a simple and convenient way, speech recognition ensures that everyone benefits from the same high level of compliance required for PCI DSS, privacy and data protection every time they transact with you.


Sycurio Speech Recognition at a glance:

  • Remove voice-based payment transactions and screen recordings almost entirely from the scope of PCI DSS
  • Enhance payment inclusivity with customizable voice prompts, multiple languages and regional accent support
  • Make sure all remote payments comply with the UK Equality Act (2010), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the UK’s FCA Code of Conduct
  • Enables both office and remote agents in stay in control of the call and to monitor progress without having access to sensitive data
  • Benefit from better CX with minimal changes in the call flow process, scripting or agent training
  • Remove the risk of data breach with all spoken secure payment card information kept out of network

Sycurio Speech Recognition in action.

When a customer indicates they are ready to make a payment over the phone and stating their card details, the agent triggers speech recognition mode. This automatically connects the customer to an interactive voice response (IVR) system which delivers a series of voice prompts to guide the customer through the process of providing their spoken card information.

The system captures and transmits this data to Sycurio, and the call can then follow the normal flow. Throughout the call, the agent is able to monitor the payment capture process in real time without having access to sensitive data. It means they are on hand to provide additional help should the customer need it.

Integrate secure voice payments with confidence.

As a core feature of Sycurio Speech Recognition is it’s easy to deploy – there’s no need to upgrade or change your CRM or engagement platforms and there’s no disruption to your contact centre operations. Providing a simple call flow, live agent feedback, and audio prompts that guide the customer through the transaction, speech recognition is a user-friendly and highly intuitive feature that requires minimal agent training.

Sycurio Speech Recognition also provides support for multiple languages and regional accents, together with customization capabilities for the spoken voice interface, making it an ideal solution for multi-regional and international organizations.


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