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Rulai partners with Sycurio to automate the payment and customer experience

Sycurio™, the leading provider of seamless and secure multi-channel payment experiences for contact centers, today announced a global partnership with Rulai, a low-code, omnichannel, and end-to-end conversational AI platform. This partnership will provide Rulai customers with secure and intuitive payment solutions that make it possible to interact in voice and digital channels.

Using Sycurio’s solutions, Rulai will be able to offer their customers convenient and flexible ways to make payments in the channel of their choice, including voice, SMS, email, messaging, and chat.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Rulai. Customers will be able to simplify the payment experience at every touchpoint in every channel,” said Salimah Karimbhoy, VP of Partner Program and Ecosystems at Sycurio. “In addition to simplifying PCI DSS, this partnership will enable Rulai customers to put payment CX and security at the forefront of their conversational AI platform.”

Rulai customers can benefit from improved CX and payment security with Sycurio by:

  • Removing their contact center and remote agents from the scope of PCI DSS
  • Processing payments quickly with automatic validation of payment card data before transactions are processed
  • Keeping customer payment transaction records automatically updated
  • Protecting sensitive payment data, by keeping it out of call recordings and not storing in their contact center environment
  • Significantly reducing the cost and burden of maintaining PCI DSS compliance
  • Achieving measurable improvements in customer satisfaction scores and a reduction in average handling times
“This partnership represents the perfect marriage of omni-channel Conversational AI and e-commerce through the frictionless integration of Sycurio’s secure digital payment platform into Rulai’s advanced automated AI solutions across all channels.,” said Gary Barnett, CEO at Rulai. “Rulai customers will benefit from Sycurio’s intuitive digital payment interfaces available in the Rulai Console designer platform for easy access by any BOT.”

About Rulai

Rulai is an Omni-Channel Enterprise Conversational Computing Platform provider. Rooted in academia, the founding team has a combined 200 years' experience in AI research, published over 400 research papers and filed over 80 patents in AI. Its SaaS platform enables companies to build automated virtual assistants (VAs) for customer service, marketing, sales, logistics, and HR use cases and has been deployed across a wide variety of industries.

Rulai-powered VAs help companies automate many human-centered processes to create a fast and frictionless experience for employees and customers. Its self-serve platform allows business users to create and evolve bots with minimal use of precious IT resources. Rulai was recently recognized by Forbes, Gartner, Forrester, and Bloomberg. To learn more visit