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3CLogic joins Sycurio’s Partner Program to deliver enhanced customer experience and payment solutions

As a leading Voice AI and cloud contact center solution provider, 3CLogic is an expert when it comes to delivering seamless and secure customer experiences. The company helps its clients to empower their teams to respond to customer queries quickly and effectively across a range of voice and digital channels. Today, we are excited to announce that the company has taken its payment security to the next level by becoming the latest member of the Sycurio Partner Program.


Through this strategic partnership, 3CLogic's customers will gain access to Sycurio's market-leading secure payment solutions. The collaboration aims to empower customers to provide seamless and secure payment experiences through both voice and digital channels, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. The integration involves embedding payment forms directly within the 3CLogic CTI, ensuring a unified agent experience. Additionally, payment details are tracked within the system of record against the customer profile, facilitating personalization and optimization of future interactions.

“This collaboration between Sycurio and 3CLogic empowers organizations across a range of industries to enhance their customer experience strategies and protect sensitive payment information,” said Salimah Karimbhoy, VP of Partner Program and Ecosystem at Sycurio. “By leveraging the combined expertise and technologies of both companies, businesses can streamline their contact center operations, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve compliance with industry regulations.”

3CLogic joins the Sycurio Partner Program, as a value-added reseller (VAR). With Sycurio's comprehensive suite of payment solutions in its toolkit, 3CLogic can now offer its customers a range of benefits, including:

  • Removing their contact center and remote agents from the scope of PCI DSS compliance
  • Streamlining payment processing with automatic validation of payment card data before transactions are processed
  • Ensuring accurate and up-to-date customer payment transaction records
  • Safeguarding sensitive payment data by excluding it from call recordings and preventing storage in the contact center environment
  • Reducing the cost and burden of maintaining PCI DSS compliance
  • Achieving measurable improvements in customer satisfaction scores and a reduction in average handling times

“We are excited to partner with the Sycurio team and offer their capabilities as part of a growing portfolio of features our customers can leverage to deliver seamless customer experiences and outcomes,” explains Guillaume Seynhaeve, VP of Alliances at 3CLogic. “With the integrated Sycurio solution, the processing of payments will be convenient and secure for both agent and customer. It really is a case of better-together.”  

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