VMBlog on CEO Gary E. Barnett's tips for world password day

Gary E. Barnett, CEO of Semafone
"One year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic and protecting passwords has never been more important. Good password hygiene is essential as people continue to spend time at home and create new accounts on ecommerce sites, online grocery or food delivery apps, and social media platforms. Having unique passwords for each service, using a variety of characters, alternating between upper and lowercase letters, or even using passphrases or mnemonic devices can all go a long way in helping create safe and memorable passwords.
Since bad actors have become more advanced in their security breaching efforts, dual factor authentication, biometrics, single sign-on services, and password vaults or managers all provide further layers of protection to help secure important personal information. As people grow their digital presence through the increased use of mobile apps and online services, safeguarding passwords is critical to digital safety.
Additionally, when it comes to making payments, whether over the phone or via digital channels, it’s important to remember that the CVV or three-digit security code on the back of your payment card effectively functions as your card’s password, and should be protected just as strongly as conventional passwords. Never provide this information to untrusted parties, and when possible, make sure merchants aren’t storing it unprotected on your behalf."