Dynamic data analysis and visualization of your payment and transactions across your contact center environment.

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Report is a real-time, data analysis feature that provides insight into payment interactions and call metrics throughout the contact center. It delivers the information and insight you need to make the right decisions in real-time.

The Report feature has easy-to-read, intuitive dashboards that provide focussed views of the essential information you need to optimize processes, scheduling, and performance targets. Its advanced analytical capabilities deliver live information, trends and deep insights into system and operational performance that help you ensure that your customers receive the highest levels of service.

Benefits at a glance.

  • Total visibility of all inbound and outbound call metrics that pass through the Sycurio.Voice solution
  • Access to granular secure payment transaction metrics
  • A complete set of pre-configured dashboards
  • Customizable and powerful analytics solution for contact center payment environments
  • Flexibility to change the appearance, refresh rates and reporting periods to suit your operational and business environments
  • Full reporting on success and failure rates for data capture and payment transactions
  • Understand and compare live and historic payment and agent performance data
  • Designed by industry specialists for contact center payment environments

Better for business.

  • Use accurate data and insight to drive business change
  • Deliver positive brand experiences through frictionless payment experiences
  • Connects your call and payment data to your business and management information tools
  • Access trend data to plan more effectively and predict future requirements
  • Allocate the right resources to have a positive impact on customer experience and your bottom line

Better for customer experience (CX) and operations.

  • Understand customer engagement and improve payment transaction satisfaction through access to accurate live data and trend insights
  • Quantify how payments affect your average handling times (AHT)
  • Discover the most effective times for campaigns targeting payments or purchases
  • Monitor accessibility and inclusivity through customer choice of keypad or speech recognition
  • Improve agent productivity and reduce agent turnover through access to best working practice metrics
  • Incorporate and project your identity and branding into dashboards

Better for information security and infrastructure.

  • Download and access raw data using ODBC or JDBC
  • Two data schemas available; ‘call event’ and 'call summary’

Better for compliance and governance.

  • Compliant with all major data security regulations and standards, including PCI DSS, GDPR, HITRUST and CCPA
  • Optimise your content to complement your other displays and data points

Better for finance.

  • Accurately track and visualize rises and falls in payment volumes


  • Moves your entire contact center and remote agents out of scope of the majority of PCI DSS compliance obligations
  • Protects your brand, reputation and bottom-line
  • Creates a frictionless customer transaction experience across all your voice channels
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