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Sycurio.Voice is a globally trusted cloud-based solution for automatically securing your customers’ payment card, banking, and personal data during telephone and automated IVR transactions.

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A cloud solution that's flexible for your needs.

In call and IVR transactions customers simply enter their card or bank payment details directly into their telephone keypad or via speech recognition. Their sensitive data is then securely passed directly to your data processor through our secured platform - completely bypassing your agent, network and your systems.  This proven approach significantly reduces your risks of data breach and the costs and complexity of maintaining your PCI DSS compliance.

Sycurio.Voice: how it works.

call recording

Step 1:  Your customer calls the contact centre and begins their conversation.

Step 2:  When the customer needs to share sensitive data, your agent initiates SecureMode. This masks the Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones as the customer inputs their data using their telephone keypad or by speech recognition.

Step 3:  The captured secure data is dynamically routed to your processor – entirely bypassing the company network. No sensitive data enters the environment, so you can record the call from start to end.

Step 4:  Sycurio.Voice removes the transaction almost entirely from the scope of your organization’s PCI DSS compliance obligations.


AutoSecure with Sycurio.Voice
What happens if an agent makes a mistake?
What happens if a customer makes a mistake?
Saving card information using tokenization
Customization of your payment page


AutoSecure with Sycurio.Voice
What happens if an agent makes a mistake?
What happens if a customer makes a mistake?
Saving card information using tokenisation
Customisation of your payment page

Benefits at a glance.

  • Cloud and flexible hybrid solution that overlays seamlessly into your existing telecoms and contact center infrastructure
  • Moves your entire contact center, remote agents and IVR out of scope of the majority of PCI DSS compliance obligations
  • Protects your brand, reputation and bottom-line
  • Creates a frictionless customer transaction experience across all your voice channels
  • Significantly reduces your risk of breach by securing sensitive customer payment, banking or personal data dynamically during the call and routing it away from your agent and infrastructure directly to the processor
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sycurio.Digital, our solution for powering secure omnichannel chat, social and email transactions
  • Reduces average handling times(AHT) and improves first time resolution (FTR) rates
  • Saves on costly PCI DSS compliance management and delivers a proven return on investment

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Better for customers.

  • Use familiar telephone keypad or speech recognition to securely input payment card, banking, and personal data
  • Agents cannot hear or see any secured data.
  • An improved customer experience with faster, frictionless more secure payments and transactions
  • A trusted payment transaction process
  • An easy, secure and consistent experience across all voice and digital channels

Better for agents.

  • An easy agent-friendly payment process built into their CRM call flow.
  • Agents cannot hear or see any secured data.
  • Remain in control and communication with customers throughout the entire transaction to guide and correct when needed.
  • No requirement to work in a ‘clean room’ as there is no access to secured data.
  • Enables more flexible working – work remotely and securely with confidence.

Better for business.

  • Significantly reduces the cost and resources required to ensure PCI DSS compliance
  • Combined with Sycurio.Digital, Sycurio.Voice delivers a consistent frictionless payment experience across every customer touchpoint
  • Protects your brand and business by substantially reducing the risks of data breach
  • Works flawlessly with your existing telephony, CRM and security infrastructure
  • Empowers agents to engage with consumers by making the payment technology transparent in their call flow
  • Removes the risk of enabling your agents to work from home, giving your business increased flexibility and operational resilience

Better for information security and infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive high-availability deployment options:
  • Multi-tenant cloud
  • Dedicated instance private cloud
  • On-premises
  • Hybrid (on-premises + cloud)
  • Proven, scalable, flexible and resilient PCI DSS compliance solution for card-not-present (CNP) environments
  • No payment or sensitive data is ever in your network – it bypasses your infrastructure completely and is routed directly to the processor
  • Trusted vendor - Sycurio (formally Semafone) has achieved the leading security and payment certifications: ISO 27001:2013, UK Cyber Essentials certification, PA-DSS certification for its Sycurio.Voice payment solution, PCI DSS Level 1Service Provider, registered Visa Level 1 Merchant Agent and Mastercard Site Data Protection (SDP) Compliant Registered Service Provider
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing telephony platform and carrier
  • Completely platform agnostic – can be embedded in CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS solutions
  • Simple to integrate into existing CRM and payment systems
  • Extensible support for IVR, chat, social media messaging, email payments and a wide range of other digital payment use cases
  • Solid IP and technology base with patented DTMF masking and bleed removal
  • Highly granular data with integrated monitoring and reporting
  • World class support and integration services

Better for compliance and governance.

  • Removes a considerable proportion of your compliance obligations for PCI DSS
  • Significantly reduces your operational costs and complexity for PCI DSS compliance
  • Descopes PCI DSS to only 6 controls of the 14 controls required in SAQ-A (from the full scope of 327 controls of Self-Assessment Questionnaire D SAQ-D).
  • Can be used for compliance across all card-not-present (CNP)payment touchpoints
  • In call recordings, all traces of DTMF tones are automatically masked
  • Replaces problematic ‘Pause & Resume’ systems, providing uninterrupted call recordings which meet financial and healthcare regulatory requirements
  • Call recording for government and financial services requires a complete recording of a telephone conversation. PCI DSS compliance prohibits the recording and storing of Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) such as CID, CVC2, CVV2 security codes. Sycurio.Voice shields this data from recordings by using DTMF masking, enabling calls to be recorded without compromising regulatory compliance

Better for customer experience (CX) and operations.

  • Avoids ‘channel shift’ - enabling the customer to pay in the channel they prefer to engage with you in
  • Reduces customer friction and improves transaction satisfaction
  • Coupled with Sycurio.Digital, payment interactions can be made across all engagement touchpoints
  • Rapid deployment and minimum disruption to your business operations
  • No requirement to upgrade or change your CRM systems or call recording technology
  • Lowers agent training requirements and improves process compliance
  • Speech recognition enables customers with disabilities to engage with your services and your business to comply with legislative access requirements
  • Lowers average handling time (AHT)

Better for finance.

  • A lower cost option than implementing your own DIY approach to full PCI DSS compliance
  • Significantly lowers financial penalty risks for payment data breaches and PCI DSS non-compliance
  • Measurable return on investment based on costs of PCI DSS compliance, customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) improvements, reduced agent training needs, reduction in information security for payment processing
  • Payment Service Provider (PSP) agnostic - pre-integrated with over 60 global payment PSPs and options to integrate others as required




Our best-in-class data security solutions help organisations transform and simplify how they manage consumer data protection, regulatory compliance and payment security.




We make it straightforward to build secure and easy-to-manage enterprise-wide payment environments.




We make it straight forward to build secure and easy-to-manage enterprise-wide payment environments.




PCI DSS descoping with Sycurio


Sycurio - How it works


Reduce your call handling time with Sycurio


Learn how Sycurio can help your organization.

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