Digital channels.

Featuring powerful and flexible tools for every channel you choose to transact in, Sycurio.Digital makes it easy to unleash seamless and secure payment flows for customers via a variety of digital channels.

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Agent chat.

Enable your agents to handle frictionless payments inside their chat streams


Businesses should be wherever their customers are - and live agent chat is a highly preferred channel for many. Customers choose to chat for a range of reasons – the most obvious being immediacy and ease.

Customers value being able to engage with organizations using chat and rate the benefits of being able to do so highly:

  • 79% immediate response
  • 51% ability to multi-task
  • 46% efficient means of communication
  • 29% improved accuracy of information
  • 22% prefer not to use the phone
  • 21% can engage while working

The integration of automated or manual Sycurio.Digital payment links directly into a chat conversation represents a natural progression that streamlines the entire transaction process, enables customers to pay without leaving the conversation, and allows agents to guide the whole interaction.

In other words, agent chat payment links deliver faster and more efficient human guided transactions that lead to measurably better customer experiences.


Chatbots and voicebots.

Automate seamless payments in your chatbots and voicebots

Customer demand for round-the-clock service continues to grow – and chatbots and voicebots are an ideal solution to providing this need.

Originally designed to manage basic interactions, the rapid development of natural language processing and machine learning technologies means today’s chatbots and voicebots are now capable of handling complex customer interactions involving secure payment and personal data transactions.

It is predicted that by 2024 consumer retail spend via chatbots worldwide is set to reach $142 billion and will continue to grow strongly as consumer adoption of automated customer services accelerates.

Sycurio.Digital’s API based digital payment link tools enable the dynamic creation of secure payment links and voice-based payment transaction processes that can be dynamically embedded into your chatbot and voicebot platforms.  The Sycurio platform routes payment transactions away from your chatbot, keeping it entirely out of scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Social media messaging and social commerce.

Empower and monetise your social channels with live payment links

Most businesses have active social media engagement as a part of their commercial strategy, and many are now gravitating towards social commerce too.

Together, these social platforms provide opportunities to both communicate and transact directly with customers. Currently, more than half of social media driven purchase transactions take place outside of a social platform. Research conducted with US social buyers in 2021 who had made a purchase via social channels in the last 30 days found that:

  • 56% had clicked a link to a product page
  • 44% bought directly on a social platform

The most developed social commerce and messaging capabilities are currently to be found on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms. But opportunities to develop a social media customer experience that includes payment transactions on other platforms are growing quickly.

For example, YouTube has a history of allowing content to include purchasing links. Meanwhile, platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok are now beginning to develop their commerce offerings.

Sycurio.Digital enables your agents to engage with customers in social media channels and deliver secure payment links directly in any social media interaction or commerce page where a URL can be embedded.

These payment links can be tailored for almost any social application, making them a highly flexible and automatable (via Sycurio’s comprehensive API) standalone payment solution.


Using Sycurio’s payment link technology almost completely descopes your business from PCI DSS and significantly reduces the complexity of deploying payment services on social platforms.

Native apps.

Deliver payment enabled native applications without complex security and compliance requirements


Embedding and maintaining secure PCI DSS compliant payment services for credit, debit and pre-paid cards inside native applications (for Apple’s iOS and macOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows and other operating systems) can present a serious development challenge.

The cost and complexity of maintaining compliance when using multiple third-party software components that touch the payment process can amplify the problem further.

Sycurio.Digital’s API enables native apps to serve payment links that bypass the need for the development of direct Payment Service Provider (PSP) integrations for your applications.  This approach significantly reduces your PCI DSS compliance scope, the development of the security needed to handle payment card transactions, and radically simplifies the development of payment functions for native apps.

The payment link process is delivered ‘as a service’ with Sycurio maintaining the security infrastructure, PCI DSS compliance and PSP integrations for you.

Sycurio are global leaders in the payment transaction security field and our credentials are impeccable: ISO27001:2013, UK Cyber Essentials certification, PA-DSS certification for our Sycurio.Voice payment solution, PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, registered Visa Level 1 Merchant Agent and Mastercard Site Data Protection (SDP) Compliant Registered Service Provider.

Web services.

Integrate innovative payments solution in your web services and applications

The delivery of valued services through a web browser is now a critical element of everyday life for both consumer and business facing organizations.

Web services, and the platforms and software components that drive them, are built with inter-operability, resilience, scalability, and security as ‘standard’ features. However, the integration and management of payment services is highly regulated and often requires special attention.

When credit, debit and pre-paid card payment transactions are part of the use case for any web service, the requirements for PCI DSS compliance become a major consideration.

The 2018 PCI SSC Cloud Computing Guidelines information supplement highlights many areas that must be considered when building (or using) cloud-based services.

One example of this is the potential impact of ‘Nested Service Provider Relationships’, which creates an obligation on the service provider, third-party component suppliers (‘nested Providers’) and the merchant to “understand the compliance considerations for all components of the service”. This type of information becomes critical in the regular PCI DSS compliance audits and reporting cycle.

You must know and be able to prove who has access to customer payment data and how they process it. Sycurio.Digital enables the generation of secure PCI DSS compliant payment links that can be dynamically embedded in any web-service using Sycurio’s comprehensive API. The entire payment process operates inside the Sycurio infrastructure, separating it from all other cloud and web services you use – this single vendor approach significantly reduces your required auditing and reporting burden.

web services

The additional benefits, beyond the increase in security and reduction in costs are clear.



Effortlessly deploy secure payment links in SMS messages

SMS is a highly effective method of direct communication – it has an average open rate of about 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery (with email running between 28% and 33%).

SMS is an enforced ‘opt-in’ channel which is more trusted by consumers than email, which has an endemic (but slowly improving) spam problem.

Sycurio.Digital’s intuitive agent user interface and comprehensive API generates payment links that can be time-bound, geographically specific, set to expire after successful payment or a designated number of clicks, and be password protected.  Your organization via the API and agents through the user interface can view and track each link in real-time, so have complete control to initiate further automated processes or engage with customers to encourage them to progress the interaction.

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Quickly embed live trackable payment links in email communications

Email payment links are widely accepted by both customers and businesses as a quick and easy method for transacting with organizations they trust.

With more than half the world’s population using email(4.3Bn in 2021, growing to 6.6Bn in 2025) it is a communication staple that can’t be ignored when taking payments from customers who are not physically present. When coupled with the growth in smartphone usage (predicted to rise to 7.6Bn in 2027) creating consistent omnichannel transactions is now a priority for many organizations.

Sycurio.Digital’s comprehensive and well documented API and easy to use agent user interface creates payment links that can be extensively configured – they can be set to expire after successful payment or a designated number of clicks, and can be time-bound, geo-restricted and password protected. Each link can believe monitored and tracked, giving the agent and the business full control of how to progress each interaction or trigger other automated processes.


e-commerce | m-commerce.

Enhance your commerce experience with secure payment links


E-commerce and it’s younger and rapidly developing sibling m-commerce both serve a gamut of consumer and business needs in comparable but slightly different ways.

The payment and security infrastructures, and the regulatory and legal environments that underpins them both, are complex and continually developing.  Compliance to the strict PCI DSS is at the centre of many e/m-commerce regulatory requirements – and any failure to comply with this standard or suffering a significant data breach involving payment card data can result in significant financial penalties from banks that may include the termination of your relationship or an increase in transaction fees.  Data breaches will also involve privacy regulators, who have the authority to issue substantial fines.  

All merchants who process card payments are required to report annually on their compliance. And those who process over six million transactions per year must be audited by an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

With Sycurio.Digital you can create new and innovative payment methods and use cases for your e-commerce and m-commerce applications using our secure trackable links.  This payment process is almost entirely descoped from your PCI DSS obligations, as the payment transactions are served and processed by Sycurio through your PSP on our secure and fully compliant platform.

QR codes for print and display.

Create secure payment links in your printed communications

The QR Code is a powerful and flexible tool that is scanned with a smartphone's camera to enable quick access to a website or URL-based service. The key benefit of this widely used technology is that complex URLs can be easily communicated without manually transposing data, which is prone to errors.

Ideal for environments where customers still prefer to receive printed communications, statements, invoices and bills, QR codes can also be used at exhibitions, pop-up retail destinations, concerts and sporting events to collect payments.


Sycurio.Digital payment links are highly configurable and can be time-bound, single or multiple use, and geographically restricted.  They can be automatically generated using the comprehensive Sycurio API or manually created using the user interface – and then formatted using any standard QR code generating solution.

Using Sycurio’s digital payment links in your communications almost entirely descopes your organization from PCI DSS requirements as the QR code payment is processed through our secure and fully compliant platform.  The payment process completely bypasses your infrastructure, removing any need to implement additional security measures when processing payment cards.

Mobile workforce payments.

Simple and secure payment solutions for the mobile workforce

The prevalence of mobile technologies mean today’s worker scan perform at home, in the office and on the move when visiting clients. Similarly, maintenance and field service workforces are now able to operate efficiently away from depots to provide more responsive services for customers.

Sycurio.Digital is an ideal PCI DSS compliant solution for mobile workforces that need to take card payments in the field. Providing a fully secure method for taking payments in remote environments, there is no need for special equipment or for customers to download apps.

Field workers simply generate a payment link that is sent directly to the customer’s device via email, SMS or messaging service where they can complete the process.  The field worker is updated of payment progress in real-time and can guide the customer if necessary. As with all Sycurio solutions, staff are never exposed to card data, so there is no requirement for security checks as they and their devices are taken out-of-scope.

Sycurio.Digital offers organizations a simple, secure and highly scalable process that is fully PCI DSS compliant and easy to integrate via API.

Face2Face payments.

Engage and transact with customers everywhere

In the field, at events or at pop-up stores, organizing, securing and maintaining point of sale (POS) equipment can be a struggle. The ubiquitous PDQ terminal (the device that a merchant uses to take card payments) can be unreliable and is only able to process a single payment at a time.  This can make taking high-volume payments in limited time-frames problematic, if not impossible.

Sycurio.Digital is a simple, highly scalable tool that enables staff engaged face-to-face with customers to take payments without requiring POS equipment.  It's also a frictionless way to take secure payments in environments where the lack of infrastructure prohibits a traditional POS system (for example, festivals and outdoor events).

Links can be served via SMS, email or QR code and the payments linked to e/m commerce applications to create a smooth experience for customers, staff and the teams supporting them. In addition, with the ability to self-serve links, customers can control their payment journey. All of which saves your staff time, which adds up to a reduction in associated organizational costs.

Concierge and brokerage services.

Create intuitive and flexible ways to pay

Concierge and brokerage services extend far beyond the luxury ‘personal assistant’ market to encompass an extensive range of business and consumer applications. Everything from undertaking travel and entertainment reservations, to managing access to events and experiences, arranging business services, organizing events, and taking care of a number of other mundane and repetitive tasks on behalf of clients.

The breadth and complexity of these personalized services and business transactions means having a choice of flexible payment processes is a‘must have’. Together, Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital enable you to deploy the ideal secure payment method for any operational scenario - from voice-based payments through to SMS, email and social messaging. This omnichannel PCI DSS compliant payment capability protects your clients and your business. As with all Sycurio transactions, all secured information is routed away from the business environment and shielded from the people taking the payment.

Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital enable you to deliver secure omnichannel experiences across all your engagement channels, including your contact centre and interactive voice response (IVR), chat and messaging, email and SMS, e/m commerce, chatbots, social media, voicebots, native applications, and even print and display applications using QR codes.

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