Banking Protection.

Sycurio Banking Protection is a core feature of our Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital solutions.

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It securely captures and dynamically verifies bank account and routing information for Automated Clearing House (ACH) and direct debit transactions and ensures that PCI DSS, NACHA and MiFID data security standards are enforced in the data collection and transaction process.

Every ACH direct payment or direct deposit transaction is governed by NACHA rules and is subject to federal law. This law mandates that all recorded calls must be secured or have all protected financial information redacted.

The Sycurio Banking Protection feature enables organizations that process ACH transactions and direct debit instructions to automatically comply with both data security best practice and legislation.

Better for customers.

  • A smooth customer experience, with frictionless payment transactions
  • Customers feel safer and more secure during the payment transaction process

Better for agents.

  • Minimal changes to call flows or agent training requirements
  • Agents cannot see or access to any secured data
  • Agents remain in control throughout the entire transaction

Better for business.

  • Access additional customers and markets by adding ACH or direct debit payment options
  • Real-time verifications lead to lower fraud levels and a frictionless ‘good’ customer experience
  • Cost-effective NACHA standards compliance across all payments

Better for information security and infrastructure.

  • Easy to add and fully configurable extension to the Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital solutions
  • Protects the VoIP network by preventing banking data from entering the contact center during the payment transaction
  • Reduces risks of fraud and data breach as the customer’s bank account and routing data is directly passed to the processor - entirely bypassing your network and agents
  • Complete monitoring with highly granular data

Better for customer experience (CX) and operations.

  • Customers can pay using their preferred method; ACH or direct debit
  • Agents are not exposed to customer’s banking data
  • Secure data is not captured in call or screen recordings
  • Easy deployment, with no disruption to your business operations
  • Reduces customer friction and improves transaction satisfaction
  • No requirement to upgrade or change your CRM or engagement platforms
  • No additional agent training requirements

Better for compliance and governance.

  • Uses a federally regulated NACHA Preferred Partner consortium dataset for ACH verification
  • Enables compliance with federal regulations for redaction of all protected financial information in call recordings of ACH transactions

Better for finance.

  • Enables the cost-effective acceptance of ACH and direct debit transactions on existing Sycurio-supported payment channels
  • Combining with Sycurio.Voice and Sycurio.Digital creates a measurable return-on-investment based on; costs of PCI DSS compliance, customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) improvements, reduced agent training needs, and a reduction in information security for payment processing
  • Moves your entire contact centre and remote agents out of scope of the majority of PCI DSS compliance obligations
  • Protects your brand, reputation and bottom-line
  • Creates a frictionless customer transaction experience across all your voice channels
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