Sycurio Glossary.

Visa Service Provider, Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

The Visa Service Provider program is an initiative by Visa, a leading global payment network, designed to ensure the security and integrity of payment processing services provided by third-party service providers. The program establishes a set of standards and requirements that service providers must meet to handle Visa cardholder data and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Under the Visa Service Provider program, service providers that handle, store, process, or transmit Visa cardholder data on behalf of merchants or other entities must undergo an evaluation and validation process to demonstrate their compliance with Visa's security requirements. This process typically involves an assessment of the service provider's security controls, policies, and procedures to ensure the protection of sensitive cardholder data.

By participating in the Visa Service Provider program, service providers gain recognition and validation from Visa, which can help establish trust and credibility with merchants and other entities that rely on their payment processing services. It also helps ensure that cardholder data is handled securely, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud.

Service providers that successfully meet the requirements of the Visa Service Provider program are listed on Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers, allowing merchants and other stakeholders to verify their compliance status and make informed decisions when selecting a service provider.

Overall, the Visa Service Provider program aims to strengthen the security and reliability of payment processing services by promoting adherence to industry best practices and ensuring the protection of sensitive cardholder data throughout the payment ecosystem.

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