Sycurio Glossary.

PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC)

The PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC) is a document that provides an assessment of an organization's compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It is a comprehensive report that outlines the findings, observations, and conclusions of a formal PCI DSS compliance assessment conducted by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or an Internal Security Assessor (ISA).

Key aspects of the PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC) include:

1. Assessment Scope: The ROC specifies the scope of the assessment, indicating the systems, networks, processes, and locations that were included in the evaluation. It provides an overview of the organization's environment and the cardholder data flows within it.

2. Compliance Status: The report assesses the organization's compliance with the specific requirements outlined in the PCI DSS. It indicates whether the organization is compliant, partially compliant, or non-compliant with each requirement.

3. Findings and Observations: The ROC includes detailed findings and observations from the assessment process. This may include identified vulnerabilities, control weaknesses, or areas where the organization's security measures do not align with PCI DSS requirements.

4. Remediation Recommendations: The ROC typically provides recommendations for remediation, suggesting actions that the organization should take to address identified issues and achieve full compliance with the PCI DSS. These recommendations may include specific security controls, process improvements, or changes in the organization's policies and procedures.

5. Compliance Validation: The ROC includes evidence and supporting documentation that validates the organization's compliance with the PCI DSS requirements. This may include assessment reports, vulnerability scan results, penetration test findings, and other relevant documentation.

6. Attestation of Compliance (AOC): Along with the ROC, an Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is often provided. The AOC is a formal statement signed by an authorized representative of the organization, confirming that the information provided in the ROC is accurate and complete. It serves as a declaration of the organization's compliance status with the PCI DSS.

The PCI DSS ROC is an essential document for organizations that process, store, or transmit payment card data. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the organization's security controls and compliance with the PCI DSS requirements. The ROC is typically shared with payment card brands, acquiring banks, and other stakeholders to demonstrate the organization's commitment to protecting cardholder data and maintaining a secure payment card processing environment.

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