Sycurio Glossary.

Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) refers to the technology and processes that integrate computer systems and telephony systems within a contact center environment. CTI enables seamless communication and interaction between computer-based applications and telephony systems, enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of contact center operations.

In the context of contact center operations, CTI provides the following functionalities:

1. Caller Identification: CTI allows the automatic identification and display of caller information on the agent's computer screen before they answer the call. This caller identification can include customer details, call history, and relevant information retrieved from the contact center's CRM system or customer database. Agents can quickly access customer information and personalize interactions based on this data.

2. Screen Pop-ups: When a call is received, CTI can trigger automatic screen pop-ups on the agent's computer screen, displaying relevant customer information, scripts, or troubleshooting guides. This enables agents to have immediate access to the required information, allowing for faster and more efficient customer service.

3. Call Routing and Queuing: CTI systems integrate with automatic call distribution (ACD) systems to intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agents based on factors like skills, availability, or customer preferences. CTI also enables call queuing functionality, which manages the order in which incoming calls are distributed to available agents.

4. Call Transfers and Conferencing: CTI facilitates call transfers and conference calls by integrating telephony systems with the contact center's computer applications. Agents can transfer calls to other agents or departments while providing relevant call details and context. CTI also enables the initiation of conference calls involving multiple parties, enhancing collaboration and problem-solving capabilities.

5. Call Recording and Analytics: CTI systems can integrate with call recording systems, capturing and storing customer interactions for quality assurance, compliance, or training purposes. CTI enables the automatic initiation of call recordings based on predefined rules or triggers. Additionally, CTI enables the collection of call data and statistics for reporting and analysis, helping contact centers measure and improve their performance.

6. Outbound Dialing: CTI supports outbound calling functionalities, including predictive dialing, preview dialing, or progressive dialing. These features automate the dialing process and connect agents to customers more efficiently, increasing agent productivity and reducing idle time between calls.

By integrating computer systems and telephony systems, CTI streamlines contact center operations, improves agent productivity, enhances customer service, and enables better management and analysis of call-related data. It allows agents to access relevant customer information, streamline call handling processes, and deliver a personalized and efficient customer experience.

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