Growth and resilience: Semafone’s 2021 success

This past year was one of significant growth, resilience and opportunity. As I near my third year as CEO, I could not be more proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved in 2021. We continued to demonstrate that we are a global business that helps companies of all sizes secure sensitive data, adapt to the new pandemic norms, and build long-term strategies around security and compliance—while never letting the customer experience miss a beat.

Looking back on 2021, it’s important we celebrate the milestones and achievements that unite our company and community over the last twelve months, including:

  • We proudly partnered with Livingbridge, a global private equity firm, on a majority investment in our organization this past June.
  • Most recently, Semafone’s Board of Directors welcomed a new Chairman, Carlos Sartorius, and two Non-Executive Directors Denise Parker and Michael Sterl. We also welcomed a CRO for the Americas, Gary Levy, to scale our go-to-market capabilities, secure technology alliances, and bring our portfolio to new and existing markets.
  • We achieved a record number of strategic channel and technology partnerships and integrations across various segments and industries by welcoming Avaya, HealthPay24, Epic, Route 101, DataDivider, and SKWeston, to our roster, expanding our global footprint and offerings.
  • Throughout 2021, we experienced nearly a 100% retention rate for existing customers and signed a record number of new customers. These new clients, serving the healthcare, insurance, retail, telecommunications, public sector, utilities and other industries, have committed to their organizations and those they serve to prioritize security and compliance – a vital first step in creating a more secure, trusted world.
  • The product team stayed incredibly busy, enhancing our product portfolio and capabilities to better serve and protect our customers. Our SecureWeb+ solution was one of the most exciting launches this year. Semafone’s SecureWeb+ enables outsourced contact centers, in-house customer support, and merchants to make payments on behalf of others via third-party websites—a significant step forward to deliver modern, frictionless customer experiences.
  • Our technology, innovation, and CX have long been recognized worldwide with our awards and recognition program. This year we were named a finalist for the 2021 Growing Business Awards in Customer Experience and Loyalty Award.
  • We also welcomed 66 new global hires this year as we focused on bringing even more talent into the business. I’m particularly proud of the programs we created to encourage college graduates, apprenticeships and individuals looking for an opportunity to grow their careers in a new field to join our team. In all, we received over 15,000 applications for these initiatives this year!

These actions and achievements, among others, were also recognized in the press, setting the stage for an exciting new year. Take a look at some of the highlights below:

Semafone’s future continues to shine bright as we fulfill our mission of securing the world’s sensitive data and protecting the reputations of brands across the globe.

From all of us at Semafone, we look forward to continuing the progress we’ve made this year and charting a new chapter in 2022 together.